Hi! I’m Laura, a devoted yoga teacher and traveller. I combine both of my passions to create amazing yoga retreats, holidays and tours around the world. Welcome to my site, where I share from the heart all of my upcoming offerings!


Vacaciones de yoga en Amorgos, Grecia

2-8 de junio de 2024

Ven con nosotras a explorar uno de los destinos de retiros de yoga más bellos del mundo. Amorgos es una isla con una naturaleza salvaje e intacta y vibraciones zen; un oasis ideal para el autoconocimiento, la tranquilidad y para disfrutar de momentos únicos de conexión con la naturaleza y con uno mismo. Este retiro de yoga se impartirá en español.


Yoga and meditation retreat

Carrapateira, South Portugal

22-27 July 2024

Summer season is a special time of the year.

A longed-for moment to take a break, immerse ourselves in nature, breathe and reconnect with the full confidence and joy that life can bring us.

In this retreat, we offer six days near the sea, close to the beautiful beaches of Carrapateira, enjoying the calm, the beauty of a gentle yoga practice, time outdoors, healthy eating and heart connection with a special group of people of different nationalities.


Yoga trek in Nepal

20-30 October 2024


Would you like to deepen your yoga practice while discovering Nepal’s rich cultural heritage and stunning natural beauty? Join me for this yoga trip and trek of a lifetime! 

This yoga trip and trek will introduce you to Nepal’s captivating cultures and the spectacular natural beauty of the Himalayas, and offers a balance of cultural exploration, physical challenge, and leisurely relaxation. Waiting list open, be the first to know and to register for this trip of a lifetime!


North India trip

14-23 February 2025

Have you always wanted to go to India, but never dared going on your own? Do you prefer to have someone who knows India inside out taking care of all the logistics but don’t want to go on a big organised tour? Then this is the perfect trip for you! Halfway between organised tour and backpacking, I will take care of all the logistics and book the hotels and transportation, and I will organise our sightseeing and meals. And we will stay in charming boutique hotels carefully selected by me!


Yoga and Ayurveda holiday in Goa

 March 2025

Dates tbc

Press pause, de-stress, rejuvenate, learn about Ayurveda, the oldest healing science and how to eat in the best way for you, enjoy daily massages and yoga, swim… This is a unique opportunity to experience deep healing in a traditional and authentic setting. Spaces are very limited and this holiday always fills up very quickly!


Yoga and hiking in Sifnos

25-31 May 2025

If you are looking for that perfect Greek island with a balance of beautiful beaches, white Cycladic villages, low-impact tourism and maybe the best food in the Cyclades, then look no further than Sifnos. Less than three hours from Athens by high-speed or five hours by normal ferry, Sifnos is easy to get to and you may never want to leave.


Yoga retreat in Crete

6-13 September 2025

Discover Crete’s hidden gems while practicing yoga twice daily! More details coming soon.


Fall in love with taking care of yourself.

Mind. Body. Spirit.


I joined Laura for the first time for a retreat in beautiful Sifnos in 2018. It was a wonderful experience with a perfectly balanced programme with time both for hikes, yoga and ‘me-time’. The groups are not too big and in addition to being an excellent teacher, Laura is also a great guide and host who makes everyone feel comfortable. I highly recommend joining Laura on one of her travels and have already booked to join her again in 2019!

Emma, Sweden
We have been in three retreats organised by Laura (Sifnos, Lesbos and Goa) so we think we know Laura quite well by now. What makes Laura’s offers always so successful…? What is so special about her…?
To begin with, before organising a new retreat, she always explores thoroughly the place and its surroundings (sometimes during weeks or even months!!). Hence her retreats offer all those details that make the difference: the secluded beach in Sifnos, the fishing boat trip in Lesbos, the local market in Goa, etc. Besides, because she knows all the places so well, she is able to combine authenticity and comfort (clean hotels, excellent food, comfortable beds, very friendly service, etc.). The whole lot at very competitive prices.
But she is not only a very efficient organiser. She is also a very competent teacher!! Whether you are a newcomer or an advanced yogi she will always offer different options in the sequences so that you can make the most of each class. The whole course accompanied by a delightful music.
And last, but by no means least, Laura is such a good person!!! Wherever she goes she irradiates a good atmosphere and makes everybody feel welcome in a very natural manner.
In short, if you are looking for a memorable yoga experience in a nice surrounding with a good company Laura is always the safest bet.
Isabelle and Jose, Brussels

I went with Laura for a yoga retreat in Sifnos Island last year. Everything from A to Z was perfectly organized. A small local hotel in the olives garden with a view on the blue Mediterranean Sea managed by the wonderful Greeks hosts. Every day we had two yoga classes, more yang energetic one in the morning and a more yin restorative one in the evening. We closed every day with a feeling of spiritual fulfilment surrounded by great souls.  Laura organized a few hiking tours on a breath-taking trails around the island.  We rented a small local boat and went for a sea walk with a skipper telling local stories and legends.

I would strongly recommend any retreat with Laura. And she has got a beautiful smile that says it all.

Monika, Brussels

Laura’s practices are really grounding, forget about the rest of the world and get into yoga. I signed twice for her retreats and I’m looking forward for the next one. Always with a smile, very well organised and taking care of everyone’s needs. I can wholeheartedly recommend her! What are you waiting for?

Maria, Spain

I can’t recommend Laura enough. She is not only a thoughtful and knowledgeable yoga teacher, but also a lovely, caring person. She will know to adapt the practice to every participant’s level and abilities, and pay attention to adjustments. Her retreats are well-balanced, combining wonderfully different yoga practices and other activities such as hiking, ayurveda therapy or cultural visits. It’s very comforting to know everything is well organized, at correct fares, with nice like-minded people in the group. I look forward to the next retreat in India!

Ana, Romania

Laura is a wonderful yoga teacher, attentive to every one level and ability. I have been to two of her retreats, in Goa and Sifnos. Both were perfectly organized, very enjoyable.

Nieves, Spain

Laura is an excellent yoga teacher. Very much attentive to your personal capacity and needs, never forcing but encouraging to new limits. I have been doing yoga with her for almost three years on a weekly basis and it has been the best remedy for my back tensions and bad postures after 8 hours in front of a computer.

Isane, Spain

Soul and smile
Laura is a wonderful yoga teacher. She knows how to make you feel at ease with her soothing words, gentle manners and wonderful smile. When the class is over you feel refreshed, calm and relaxed, looking forward to the next one! I highly recommend her, her classes always make me feel better.

Monica, Spain

Laura is an extremely warm, engaging, nurturing and talented yoga teacher and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Having spent extended periods of time immersing herself in the study of yoga, meditation and other related areas, in India and other parts of the world, she has excellent knowledge of a wide variety of yoga styles, including, Hatha, Asthanga, Iyengar and Yin. She also recently completed her second 10 day silent meditation retreat in the Vipassana tradition.

Barbara, Ireland

I practiced Yin Yoga with Laura for little under a year, and I can warmly recommend her as an attentionate, communicative and warm teacher. Her classes are often as much a bath for the mind and spirit as a wonderful practice for the body. My most “soulful” yoga teacher thus far.

Inger-Lise, Sweden
“When I told an Athens restaurant host I’d travel to Sifnos he said, “you’re a smart girl!”. But I can’t take the credit – it’s Laura who discovered this gem of a Greek island, and put together an amazing retreat to share it. And it’s one of the best things you can do for your body, mind and soul. The yoga and hikes are a perfect pairing, further complemented with fantastic food, this off-the-beaten-track island paradise, genuine hospitality, panoramic views, unreal scenery and so much more. This time was the happiest and healthiest I’ve been in months.
Laura is one of the few yoga teachers I’ve come across who teaches from the heart, free of ego and her passion for yoga’s gifts shine through in what she shares. She’s attentive and approachable for every level, offering alternatives so each practice is tailored for you. Along these lines, you’re free to pick and choose which activities you join, and I loved how she emphasized the importance of taking rest when you need it. Whatever your needs and wishes, they’re always respected.
The Sifnos retreat is excellent value, with every detail taken care of before, during and after – so you can relax and enjoy yourself. Laura’s intimate knowledge of this charming island enabled her to lead us to the best spots and through all manner of landscapes, from ancient towns to monasteries with amazing sea views and coastal trails – not to mention fantastic tavernas, bakeries and cafes. She knows all the best ones! I would happily join Laura’s retreats again, with complete trust in her. Her yoga knowledge, travel experience, linguistic experience and kind spirit are a gift for any participant. Thank you Laura, for this wonderful week in Sifnos!” – Andrea Oikawa
Andrea, Canada

“I have been a regular at Laura’s retreats hopping from one Greek island to the next, to Granada, SP; Bali, Goa, in India, and recently the Camino de Santiago. Why am I a regular, with one, sometimes two retreats a year?

On the practical side, I totally trust Laura’s judgement to choose lovely spots and nice accommodation at a reasonable rate: She has travelled so much she has developed a sixth sense to choose the charming spots with charming people: Family run hotels in Ubud, Granada, Sifnos, small boutique hotel in Santiago…

Her groups are always small, 10-14 people, and with her wand and know how, she always brings the best of the group and creates a chemistry that infallibly works and for which she has her own secret recipe.

Some of her programs (Sifnos, the Camino de Santiago) involve hiking in beautiful
landscapes, hikes she has carefully prepared and can be as healing for your body and mind
as the yoga sessions.

Last but not least:
Laura is a wonderful yoga teacher, for the simple reason that she simply fell head over heels for yoga years ago and she carries the passion and sacred flame that make all of her practices a very special experience. I have been practicing yoga for years, I have practiced with any number of teachers, and Laura is among the handful which I would follow to a desert island.” Icíar Allendesalazar

Iciar, Spain

“I am not sure whether to give much publicity to the yoga retreat in Sifnos. It is such a true paradise and an authentic haven, that I am not sure if I want too many people to know how good it is.
The vacation and yoga retreat I enjoyed June this year (2019) was simply perfect. One of the best vacations I enjoyed in years. Everything was just as it should be, nothing out of the ordinary, but still incredibly extraordinary.

The island is beautiful, nice and simple but full of corners and superb scenery that just fills you up with an energy that is difficult to explain.
The sounds are just pure and simple nature, the type of sounds that people like me, living in busy Madrid, do not get to listen very often. It is just so soothing to wake up with the sound of birds, and the wind, and bees, and even a lamb at the fields nearby, that even if they are familiar sounds, one just cannot stop feeling amazed all the time.
The sea is breathtaking, so clear and in such an amazing blue color.
The hills of Sifnos, the white villages, the narrow and twisted roads where one can hardly drive above 40 km/hour, which is perfect to appreciate the wonderful scenery.
Seeing the neighbouring islands so nearby. Going to places where one can drive for 30 minutes and only see a white monastery at the top of a hill, to end up at a cape that seems like the end of the world, and still one knows is just a small part of this big wide world.

The island itself is just an amazing setting, which can only improve with the most authentic people that I have met in a long time. It has been a beautiful surprise to find such kind and hospitable people in Greece, everywhere I have been. They are always willing to help and make your stay pleasant, in the most honest and heartfelt way.

And all this, would not have be possible without the fine touch of Laura’s organization. She makes you feel that everything just happens naturally, because it is just meant to happen. However after a couple of days one realizes, that there is an “invisible hand moving the threads” and making sure everything is organised to the last detail. Laura has such a nice way of doing things, so professional, soft-mannered and kind, that it does indeed take some time to recognize that she has almost all matters covered, to make sure that our experience of Sifnos, the participants, the yoga lessons, the dinners, etc. turns out to be the truly remarkable journey that it has been for me.
Thank you very much Laura for this; you have showed me that it is possible to enjoy and appreciate a lot of things that we normally take for granted, and to see things from a different perspective.  I have taken some of that Galini with me to Spain, and I believe that I am holding on to it for a very long time.”

Ana Isabel, Spain

“Thank you Laura for this wonderful holiday.

The location was perfect  : sun, nice people,  beautiful landscapes. The atmosphere in our group just perfect too. You are discreet yet always present and available.
This retreat met all my expectations.
Congrats on knowing all the sanskrit name of the postures. It did not matter to me but just showed your professionalism. We agreed 100% on what yoga means .
As you know I am the daughter of a yoga teacher who learned with Swami Satchidnanda, Dhirendra Bramachari and Pattabhi Jois. You were definitely up to it!”
Celia, Belgium

“It’s been one week since we’ve left Sifnos and my head is still there. When I close my eyes, I can still picture our yoga space, the beach, the hiking trails. I hope I will hold those memories as long as I can and I have been feeling really energised since then.

Laura is a wonderful teacher, she is very relaxed and organised. She is dedicated to her practice and really enjoys what she is doing. Sifnos is a beautiful place and its inhabitants are very friendly.  I had one of the most amazing holidays of my life !”

Isha, Belgium