A journey back home

Yoga for trauma release
(women only)


All of us have experienced some level of trauma in our life, be it shock trauma (too much too fast) or developmental trauma (too little too long). Trauma is when you felt a sense of powerlessness and you didn’t have a choice. The nervous system becomes overwhelmed, it’s like a shock to the system.  After that shock, it is common to disassociate. Trauma creates disembodiment. The healing process begins when we start reconnecting to the body and courageously experience and feel all that we hold inside. Our old sadness, trauma and past history are all locked as memories in our tissues, and our bodies hold onto the memory even if time has passed and we are not in that situation anymore. A state of hyper vigilance (being on alert all the time), panic attacks, palpitations, disturbed sleep, anxiety, fatigue, headaches, among others, might be signs of trauma. Body aches or chronic illnesses can also be symptoms of our long-past trauma. While the trauma is stored in the body, it affects the entire nervous system, which also regulates our organs and emotions.

Using a unique blend of mindfulness, yin yoga, myofascial release, yoga nidra, pranayama (breathwork), self-massage, journaling, sharing, we will allow the autonomic nervous system to re-regulate itself, let go of stress responses safely, find a new and healthy default mode and learn how to cope with current and future stress in a healthy way. We will peel away layers of trauma. Clear up space within. Connect deeper to the body and feel alive in our own skin. The process of trauma release frees up huge amounts of stored energy. The energy that was used to keep holding tensions in the body becomes available for other things. For living life to it’s full potential.

Join me for a unique journey back home, back to your body!

This unique journey consists of 4 classes (75-90 minutes each) and a bonus session where I will guide you to gently explore the places in your body where you might be storing trauma, and using specific, time-tested techniques, we will start releasing it. We will also meet twice to share our experiences (optional) and I will be always available for you.

Life coaching


  • Learn to ground yourself. Finding safety in the body. We will learn techniques to ground us and bring us back to the present moment.


  • Psoas and diaphragm release. Lot’s of tension and trauma get stored in the psoas and in the diaphragm. We will use myofascial and yin techniques to release that stored tension.


  • Going deeper into the psoas and diaphragm. Building into what we practiced last week, as we get to know our bodies better, we will go deeper, but only if it feels right for you.


  • Integrating all that we have learned, bringing it all together. We will revisit some of the exercises learnt, to properly integrate them.


  • Bonus TRE session





I have been studying and practicing many different healing modalities during the past 20 years. I like to use my body as a laboratory to experiment all the different techniques, and in this course I present you with the most effective ones, in my experience.

Blending east and west approaches, my aim is to guide you back home into your body, and to show you how perfect you already are. After this journey, you will feel soft and relaxed, like a baby in mothers arms. You will feel the wholeness that you are already. To be whole is the most profound happiness, and you are already whole.



Here’s all you’ll get:

  • 4x online classes through zoom with access to the recordings for the whole duration of the course
  • 1 Bonus session on 6th February
  • very small and intimate group so that I can give attention to and see each and everyone participating
  • playlists
  • two sharing circles/Q&A (one after the first two classes and one at the end)
  • list of resources to deepen into the subject

When? Online classes will take place on Sundays 9, 16, 23 and 30 January at 10:00 CET (that’s Brussels, Madrid, Berlin time). If you can’t make it to a session, the replay will be available for the whole duration of the course. Sharing circles/Q&A will take place on 16 and 23 January after the class.

Please have two tennis/paddle balls or similar, one sock, a bolster or long pillow, cushions and blankets ready for the classes.